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More than 400 people showed up Friday for the funeral of Navajo Code Talker Kee Etsicitty, who died Tuesday June 21 at the age of 92.

Power to the People

Power to the People

  July 23, 2015

Arts & Entertainment

Rather than reading a book to learn about art, several community members came out to the Steamboat Chapter House last week to listen to
various art lectures from local artists.

Dreams typically guide how Susan Hudson, 56, creates her ledger quilts— a contemporary art for which she’s becoming famous for at prestigious shows.

Visitors in the canyon over the weekend kicked off the summer with a day of art, design and music at the 7th annual Rock the Canyon Art & Music Festival.

Miss Navajo Nation is the most coveted title on Navajo. It can also be considered one of the toughest to attain.


Aside from signing the “One Voice, One Nation” agreement, Speaker LoRenzo Bates’ report to the Navajo Nation Council on Monday also highlighted the work and progress of the tribal legislature.


This is a response to the article written in the Navajo Times by Leonard L. Tsosie regarding Dilkon Youth Services. We, as the kids of Dilkon community, have come to share our response to the article and say our thoughts about it.


… when will the federal government follow through with promises made in the early 1970s to complete the project?

Béésh bizaad

Béésh bizaad

  May 21, 2015