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When asked what will help them make good on the outside, three tribal members serving time in New Mexico prisons didn’t hesitate to answer.

Coke can flowers in a vase of aluminum tabs was only one of the many creations on display during Navajo Technical University’s, or NTU, Recycling Contest.

Walking into the Nahata ’Dziil Health Center gives you a completely different feel than what it was nearly two years ago – a warehouse.


Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye continues to bypass the good ol’ boy network and appoint Navajos with solid backgrounds from off the reservation.

‘Dawn of a new day’

‘Dawn of a new day’

  May 14, 2015


When people think of Navajo jewelry they often associate it with squash blossom necklaces or turquoise rings.

Food fighter

Food fighter

  April 30, 2015