Hwéeldi at 150

Making peace with a painful past

Meet Virgil, Summer and Megan, ages 12, 11 and 9, respectively, of Thoreau, N.M.

They are prime specimens of the present generation of Navajos: healthy, smartly dressed, and hopefully on their way to a good education and fulfilling lives.

Megan has never heard of the Long Walk. Summer says she knows "a little." Virgil, a descendant of Chief Manuelito whose favorite class is Navajo culture, provides a sort of Twitter version. Story »

icon Election board votes to move forward with Nov. 4 election

The board voted 4-2 on Tuesday to allow the race to elect new Tribal Council delegates and a Navajo Nation president to proceed, despite challenges that presidential candidate Chris Deschene is not fluent.

icon Deschene case goes back to office of hearings and appeals

The Navajo Nation Supreme Court on Friday afternoon remanded grievances filed against Deschen, alleging he is unqualified to run for president, to the Office of Hearings and Appeals.

icon Election may be postponed due to Deschene challenge

Navajo Nation election officials are looking at the possibility of postponing this year’s presidential and Council elections because of the challenge filed against one of the presidential candidates.

icon Leaders to hold ceremony for $554M settlement

As soon as Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly and Speaker Pro Tem Lorenzo Bates ink their signatures with federal officials on the $554 million settlement, public hearings with the Navajo people will soon take place.

icon Page businesses cheer start of project reopening landslide-damaged U.S. 89

As manager of the Lake Powell/Page Days Inn and Suites, Traci Varner has grown used to the call: A customer heading here on U.S. 89 comes to a traffic barrier and "Road Closed" sign with 30 miles to go.

icon Protests gear up against Tohlakai liquor license

Lawrence Howard regularly purchases fuel and groceries from the Tohlakai Giant Convenient Store and Gas Station, and when he saw the signpost for a possible liquor license he couldn’t help but share his objections.

icon Founder of Tóhajiilee's first day school honored

Few people leave a legacy behind that promises to last forever. Luciano Platero is one of them.

icon 50 Years Ago: Death of longtime delegate spotlighted

The Navajo Times spotlighted one of the most respected members of the Navajo Tribal Council -- Roger Davis Sr. -- who died 50 years ago this week after a long illness.

icon Supreme Court to hear Deschene case

The Navajo Nation Supreme Court will hear oral arguments concerning whether Christopher Clark Deschene should be disqualified from running for Navajo Nation president because he is not fluent in the Navajo language.

icon Shelly vetoes funding for delegates’ assistants

The line-item veto takes effect Oct. 1 and is expected to save $1.7 million.

icon ‘Old paper,’ other examples of Native-U.S. treaties, on display

On the fourth floor of the museum, which is part of the Smithsonian Institution, some of the most pained and victorious words are preserved in a new exhibit honoring the treaties between the United States and American Indian nations.

icon 50 Years Ago: Nakai campaigns to re-elect LBJ

The race for president of the United States is heating up and it seems that the Navajo Tribe is finding itself caught in the middle, in part because of the decision by the tribe's chairman, Raymond Nakai, to do everything he can to get Lyndon B. Johnson re-elected.