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Chefs spread the gospel of Native cuisine

New show will use puppets to teach Diné Bizaad

Climate change is a pretty much undisputed worldwide phenomenon. And like most changes in the world, it disproportionately impacts the poor, including indigenous populations.

Shawn Nelson is on a crusade to remind people how important climate is to their lives. And he’s doing it like he usually does – in a series of sand paintings dealing with climate issues.

Diné sushi chef inspired by mother, grandmother

Shiprock man on a mission to feed the hungry

Diné entrepreneur ready to give back

Diné are weekday warriors at IHS in Waashindoon!

Coalmine Canyon honors memory of U.S. Army soldier Ned Lee

“It’s scary that these young kids don’t speak it,” Lenora Watchman, a fluent Navajo speaker and mother of five, said. Her oldest child is 11 and her youngest is seven months.