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Growing in popularity

Navajos getting reacquainted with farmers’ markets


‘Involved since I was in the womb’

New Miss Ceremonial’s views, outlook reflect activist mother


Growing plants and children

Community garden focuses on wellness, culture, service


Grandmother is inspiration for ‘GrownUp Navajo’

“I kept hearing her voice tell me, ‘You know what to do,’” said Jaclyn Roessel about why she created what would become GrownUp Navajo.


Simply entertaining

Kids learn what Navajos did before smart phones


Emmy-winning journalist: ‘Do a little bit more’

Hattie Kauffman talked about individuals who put in the effort to help her at different points in her life, which ultimately inspired her to choose a successful path.


Doctors without Borders volunteer: Tuba in good shape health-wise compared to Africa

While working at a Doctors Without Borders trauma hospital in the Central African Republic, Dr. Edward Chu saw a lot of things he sees in the emergency room at Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation.


New book a comprehensive guide to the Code Talkers

There are, at last count, 37 books about the Navajo Code Talkers if you include novels, children’s stories and a coloring book. The latest, “Voices of Victory: The Navajo Code Talkers” (CRM Books, 2017) is the one for serious Code Talker geeks.


Exploring what it means to be a Diné woman

Katrina Lee and Bessie Sandoval have different perspectives on what it means to be a Diné woman.


Diné day camp: off the couch and into culture

On a nice sunny day, the Tséhootsooí Medical Center hosted the 2nd Annual Navajo Youth Culture Day Camp to get kids off their couches this summer.