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Fiber artist creates a fitting tribute to his first mentor

Amid the urban sprawl of the Phoenix metro area stood a small hogan. The door was covered with a brown fleece blanket with a Pendleton design.

Alex Lee Begay, 28, of Gamerco, New Mexico, was walking in downtown Gallup over eight years ago and saw a bow on display in one of the stores.

Maintaining and renewing Indigenous cultures begins with one, said Evelyn M. Begay. “It begins with individuals,” explained Begay, a traditional clothing designer from Sanders, Arizona. “Whatever tribe you belong to, you have to have that true self-identity about who you are.”

Grandfather’s teachings show same patterns in stars, land

Chefs spread the gospel of Native cuisine

New show will use puppets to teach Diné Bizaad

“It’s scary that these young kids don’t speak it,” Lenora Watchman, a fluent Navajo speaker and mother of five, said. Her oldest child is 11 and her youngest is seven months.

Bold colors, eye-catching patterns at Utah fair Elder Fest

Diné traditional style stood out through bold colors, vintage or handmade items and eye-catching patterns at the Elder Fest during