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From outside the Shiprock Chapter House, it looked as though a country-western or hip-hop dance was going on to match the Northern Navajo Fair festivities. Colorful lights flashed from within and made silhouettes of the crowd that was gathering inside.

Local bands will open for popular indie rock artist Mac DeMarco for a sold-out show at the Shiprock Chapter House on Wednesday (Oct. 4).

“Stand up with the first nations that were here,” Taboo, of The Black Eyed Peas, raps in his song “Stand Up/Stand N Rock.”

Diné filmmaker appears on large screen in U2 show

The Nakota Yankton Sioux blues frontman Mato Nanji and his band, Indigenous, are coming to the Southwest.

On a fine, calm Santa Fe evening, indie-alternative rock music took over the Santa Fe Plaza.

Chris Cornell, vocalist for Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog and who had a solo career, died at age 52 from an apparent suicide.

Country Alibi building fan base played ‘what people want to hear’

Indie-garage musician Ty Segall performed at the Sister Bar on Monday, May 8, with songs off his new 2017 release “Ty Segall.”

The Moonlight Lounge was filled to capacity as the debut show of the newest Diné rock band Nizhoni Girls took place on April 28.