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One Diné musician is playing the blues up in the state of Minnesota and gaining an audience.

Blest One’s latest is a collaboration with Native rappers

One Dine artist has been scheduled on a tour with the remaining tour dates of Vans Warped Tour.

San Diego rock band Wavves performed their first concert in the Duke City since 2013, drawing a larger fan base with positive reactions.

A legendary producer cramped inside a hogan off Arizona 264 with a Navajo heavy metal band on the brink of going international took no quarter from the deafening blast of the amps.

Ahead of their scheduled performance opening for DevilDriver in Window Rock Friday, one Diné band aims for the future.

The Office of the President and Vice President are putting support behind a Navajo heavy metal band as a way of supporting young people and families.

Workshop teaches youth to play instruments using their hands … and hearts

In May, one of the bands in the Navajo metal scene could get their big break.

Artists share anti-mining message ‘through song and music’