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‘Whatever flows’

Diné artists prepare to sell at the Heard


When taking your next drink, think, Water First!

There’s a choice – sugary drinks in ugly containers that put you at risk for chronic diseases, or clear, refreshing water that makes you healthier in a cool cup of your choice.


Taking it on the road

Gardening summit planning meeting produces idea for tour


From ‘humble beginnings’ Central Agency continues spelling bee tradition

From ‘humble beginnings’ Central Agency continues spelling bee tradition


Chants for coyotes; Ballads for bobcats

People, animals turn out for winter stories at the zoo


Getting SANE

Sexual assault survivors now have safe haven


Diné rapper strives to preserve language

There have been many recent attempts to preserve the Diné language, with varying degrees of success. One Diné musician is attempting to do that through art.

Arts People

Freeland debuts latest film at Sundance

After a brilliant run by her first feature-length film, Drunktown’s Finest in 2014, she returns to debut her most recent work, Deidra & Laney Rob A Train.


‘Big plans’ for King Blizz

Inspired by music and his work as a producer, one Diné rapper has “big plans” for 2017.


Jaaʼabaní needs help, now!

Jaaʼabaní, bat, has always been a helper to the Diné and all people of the earth.