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Navajo weaver Marlowe Katoney has come a long way in the five years he has been weaving rugs, and now his craft has landed him exhibition space in New York City.

Ten minutes. That’s how long it took for sisters Regina Tsosie, 43, and Rena Billie, 41, to shear one sheep.

Steamboat native selected for lead role in ‘Finding Nemo’

To preserve the history that went into making the world’s largest Navajo rug, a documentary is in the works with a Navajo film student from the Institute of American Indian Arts to make it happen.

Diné painter hopes to move women artists to the foreground

Summit will redefine ‘traditional’ and ‘cultural’

The first Traditional and Cultural Summit will be held this year at Wheatfields Lake with the focus of “Diné Bina’nit’n Bee As’ah Ná’ada” or “Resilence through traditional teachings to ensure longevity.”

Inside of having the community come to them, officials from the Winslow Indian Health Care Center, Inc., will head out to the community.

Malihini. That’s the word 10-year-old Kelvin Winney will always remember.

A Navajo disc jockey is headed out of the country for a tour with hip-hop group Shining Soul.

Walking into the Nahata ’Dziil Health Center gives you a completely different feel than what it was nearly two years ago – a warehouse.