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Billy Mills brings emotional, motivational speech to Chinle

It’s been 50 years since Billy Mills won his Olympic gold metal in the 10,000-meter run in Tokyo, Japan in 1964.

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Dawn of the Rez Zombie attracts nearly 40 runners

Their limbs seemed to be in proportion. Their broken skin scarcely covered the intricate work of muscles and arteries beneath. And their grey hair tousled into a straight-out-of-the-grave look was flowing when they ran after human bait.


Concerts raises awareness on border town violence against homeless

Radmilla Cody sings Shi Nashaa, a traditional Diné song, during the first of four benefit concerts aimed at stopping violence against homeless Native Americans.


New Miss Western to encourage parents to teach culture

Four young women competed on Oct. 11 as LeChee Chapter presented the 2015-14 Miss Western Navajo pageant.


Four Diné women vying for Miss Western Navajo title

Four young women will compete for the Miss Western Navajo title at the LeChee Chapter tomorrow.


Punk rockers Left Alone return for Oct. show

Punk rockers Left Alone are coming back to town on Oct. 12.


A heartfelt story

LeAnn Yazzie still remembers vividly the day her daughter, Brooke Spencer, died at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, Philip Notah.


Barber is new Miss Northern Navajo, wears new crown

It’s the beginning of an era because the newly crowned Miss Northern Navajo, Robyn Barber, is the first royalty to wear the new crown.


First Northern Navajo Fair cook-off satisfies judges

The Northern Navajo Fair is known for its ongoing traditions in events like the Yei Bi Chei and parade but there is hope for a new tradition with a tasty setting.

Culture News

Hwéeldi at 150

Is it possible for the cellphone generation to truly appreciate the privations of their ancestors? Should they have to?