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Diné actress Geraldine Keams loves her profession

Denetclaw is with Bravo Company of the 31st Combat Support Hospital, known as the Blackwolves. Her clans are Totsohnii, Kinlichíinii, Tl’aaschi’i and ’Ashiihi.

Mixed martial arts fighter travels the world to compete, spread Diné culture

Grandma Thomas walked 80 miles each year to raise funds for youth complex

Volunteer firefighters, rare on the reservation, struggle to chase their dream

Want to be the next big Native actor? Never give up.

She is not “just” a Diné hydrologist and assistant professor at the University of Arizona Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences; and, renowned lecturer. She is also a wife and the mother of two young boys.

Daughter and father coach Tohatchi to first-ever championship

Dallas River Peterman was the Navajo Jack Kerouac, taking on the road and seeing the country.

Navajo mariachi music sensation Nizhoni Camille Begay performed at the 2017 Texas Medal of Arts Awards in Austin, Texas on Feb. 22.