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Questions remain over use of ‘Big Bo’

It was, by far, the most controversial land purchase in the history of the Navajo Nation, a purchase that helped to bring down a tribal chairman and caused a revolt that included sweeping changes that are still felt today.

50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: N.M. gov crusades against alcohol

Navajo Tribal Chairman Raymond Nakai journeyed to Alamo, the small Navajo community southwest of Albuquerque, 50 years ago to give the 800 residents some good news.


Audit shows large bonus payments

Some tribal employees are making out like bandits when it comes to getting bonuses from the tribe

50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: ‘Redskins’ consider selling liquor to ‘palefaces’

Even for the Navajo Times, the headline on the front page was somewhat unusual – “Pale-Face Tourism Program Brings Glow to Redskins.”


Navajo woman sues Zuni school district for alleged discrimination

Olivia Joe filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Albuquerque last week against the Zuni Public School District claiming she was discriminated against because she is Navajo.


NM casinos report $21.5 million in net winnings

While the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise continues to struggle to pay down the $220 million it borrowed from the Navajo Nation to build the Twin Arrows Casino and Resort, the Navajo casinos in New Mexico continue to be holding their own, according to recent documents released by the New Mexico Gaming Control Board.

50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: Treat tribe like Appalachia, states say

The Navajo Times learned this week that officials in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado have been meeting quietly over the past six months to iron out a plan that they say will improve the life of many people living in the Four Corners area, including members of the Navajo Tribe.

50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: Tallman passes, Chapman arrives

Newspapers in the area noted the passing of Henry Tallman Sr., 71, a former tribal chairman who died on June 8, 1967, at the Ganado Hospital after a long illness.


BIA steps out of home-site lease OKs

Navajo families won’t have to wait as long to get home-site leases approved because of a decision by the Bureau of Indian Affairs to get out of the approval process.

50 Years Ago

50 Years Ago: Leaders look for ideas for time capsule

The Navajo Tribe is soliciting ideas from tribal members about what to put in a time capsule that tribal leaders are planning to bury in two secret places in the Window Rock area to be unearthed in 2068 — 100 years later.