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Community Culture

Garden at the IPCC yields more than fruits, vegetables

The Resilience Garden on the grounds of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is no ordinary garden. It’s a journey that takes you thousands of years back into the past.


When taking your next drink, think, Water First!

There’s a choice – sugary drinks in ugly containers that put you at risk for chronic diseases, or clear, refreshing water that makes you healthier in a cool cup of your choice.


Jaaʼabaní needs help, now!

Jaaʼabaní, bat, has always been a helper to the Diné and all people of the earth.


Off to a sober start in Albuquerque

Raymond Lee, Diné, from Shiprock, has a jovial smile and a sincere way of getting his point across.


Diné art professor loves her work, community

As a college professor of printmaking and art, Melanie Yazzie gets inspiration from her Navajo culture and abroad.


Sippable art

Native-designed Starbucks cups roll out in time for Christmas


Putting words in their mouths

Teaching the languages of the soul at home and abroad


Morning star

Navajo anchors the morning news at KOB


2nd Indigenous Day becomes platform for justice

As hundreds of people, mostly tribal members, marched through downtown celebrating the 2nd Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday night, their voices cried out for justice. A collective voice comprised of the marchers rose above the federal and county courthouses, police station, and city hall.


Sandoval County showcases New Mexico’s Native vets

Richard Antone, Tommy Otero, Preston Toledo and Frank Willetto are among many Diné military service veterans featured in an expansive photo exhibit permanently installed in the atrium of the Sandoval County administration building.