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Lawyers: Court fight against DAPL just begun

Another attempt to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline failed in court Tuesday.


Women, infants and port-a-johns

Wheatfields WIC office puts confidentiality at risk


Charter schools: Public schools with focus, flexibility

Dził Ditł’ooí School Of Empowerment, Action And Perseverance, or DEAP School, works to root students in the Diné culture of the Red Lake area, an ambition made possible by its status as a charter school.


Shepherd, soldier, father

Centenarian recalls a time of strong people, ambitious sheep


Navajo education: Who’s in charge?

So, Navajo Nation has about six different types of schools, but who’s in charge?


Navajo Nation dips into UUFB to cover GA, welfare shortfall

General assistance and welfare programs received some funding this week after shortfalls clients were left without checks for two months during the holiday season.


Havasupai students, NADLC sue BIE

A lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona on Jan. 12 by nine Havasupai students and the Native American Disability Law Center could impact the education of Native American students throughout the United States.


Council mourns the loss of Navajo family

Navajo Nation Council members mourned the loss of five Navajo family members, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported on Wednesday that they had located a missing family in a rural area on Santa Ana Pueblo land in New Mexico.


White appointed acting controller

The Navajo Nation got word of a new acting controller Friday, only two days after the 23rd Navajo Nation Council voted to remove the previous Controller Jim Parris.


Tribal workers forced to unionize?

Tribal employees who spoke to the Navajo Times under the condition of anonymity said they have been pushed to join a union, a choice that was meant to be optional.