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‘Little words’ before he left

Coalmine Canyon honors memory of U.S. Army soldier Ned Lee


War over Escalade ends with Council’s ‘no’ vote

A years-long war ended when the 23rd Navajo Nation Council on Tuesday night voted two in favor and 16 opposed to kill the Escalade project.


Clothes tell a story

Bold colors, eye-catching patterns at Utah fair Elder Fest


SLIDESHOW: Elder Fest at the Utah Navajo Fair

Diné traditional style stood out through bold colors, vintage or handmade items and eye-catching patterns at the Elder Fest during the 28th annual Utah Navajo Fair. Select any image to


Scenes from the 49th Western Navajo Fair

Slideshow by Times reporter Krista Allen


Diné bizaad wins crown for new Miss Western

When her cousin-brother made Rainee Style cry, she would run home to tell her grandmother that he is terribly unkind.


‘I have not done enough’

Outgoing Miss Western Teen embraced year of wearing crown


Begaye attends Interior energy meeting

President Russell Begaye on Oct. 4 attended the Royalty Policy Committee’s first meeting at the U.S. Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C.


Children, newborns, teens at the doorstep

Tuba City woman serving as foster parent for 28 years


Dine preparing for Florida storm

It is most likely that Ben Cayatineto is filling sandbags, said Michael Blackman. Sure enough, Cayatineto was.