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Hive of complicated words doesn’t sting great spellers at Western

Judges say the words in this year’s Western Navajo Spelling Bee were more difficult than at previous contests.


Navajo Generating Station to remain open until 2019

The owners of the Navajo Generating Station have voted to extend operations of the coal-fired power plant in LeChee, Arizona through December 2019, unless an agreement can be reached with the Navajo Nation.


NGS’ fate to be decided Monday

The owners of the Navajo Generating Station will vote Monday on whether to shut the coal-fired plant down this year or to keep it running through 2019.


Just-A-Buck opens in Tónaneesdizí

Miss Western Navajo Teen Shalby Del Villar on Saturday bought a number of L.A. COLORS cosmetics and a measuring tape for just a few bucks at the new store within the Tónaneesdizí Shopping Center.


From ‘humble beginnings’ Central Agency continues spelling bee tradition

From ‘humble beginnings’ Central Agency continues spelling bee tradition


Influential Diné storyteller passes on

James Peshlakai, a cultural icon, hataałi, and one of the most influential Diné storytellers, has died. He was 71.


Begaye: Coal cost is culprit in NGS fate

When President Russell Begaye asked the owners of the Navajo Generating Station what could be done to extend the lease up to 2029, he was told that the cost of Peabody Western Coal Company’s coal is too high.


Wet weekend, winter storm warning in effect

The warning is in effect for most of northern Arizona above 5,500 feet that started Thursday morning and will extend through noon on Saturday, Jan. 21.


Nation ‘confused, angry’ over death of family

Early last week, authorities found the bodies of two young Diné women and three children in a remote area of Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.


Bears Ears victory celebration draws hundreds

‘Utah Navajos pushed to the highest level of government’