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Former Miss Indian N.M. says she was profiled at KKW store; company denies it

Nicole Johnny, like thousands of other people, was excited for the Kim Kardashian West Beauty pop-up shop. It happened to open the same weekend she was in Los Angeles.


Parents: Alamo school board wasting money

Charlotte Guerro, a resident of Alamo, New Mexico, has 22 grandchildren who attend Alamo Navajo Community School, so you can bet she’s concerned over the recent turmoil at the school.


As a neglected child, movies saved the day

Robert Mesa, who played Tecumseh in the History Channel’s “Frontiersmen,” calmly talks about the time he got ink poisoning from a tattoo on his left arm that he knew, being Navajo, he shouldn’t get.


Just in time for the talent show

Last-minute preparation results in successful outing for kids


‘Painting with yarn’

Young weaver makes bold move toward full-time craftsman


Capturing uniqueness

Artist’s goal is to capture details, yet show unity of tribes


Buying a car: Take a good look at finances

A car is definitely one of the largest purchases a family makes, and it should be made after a lot of deliberation and consideration of what they can afford.


‘Nobody is fighting for the children’

Employee: Leupp Schools Inc. swept abuse reports under rug


No more ‘squash and wigwams’

Hip-hop duo creates Indigenous-themed coloring books


‘Angsty Asdzaa’

Search for identity leads to production of zines