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When Myron Brady, 27, heads up an electrical pole he brings physical, mental, and spiritual protection with him into a profession where one wrong move can extract the ultimate price.

If there is one issue that seems to get the political juices flowing for Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye, it has to be his efforts to increase spending by tribal departments with Navajo-owned businesses.

Notah Begay advocates for financial literacy

The Arizona Republic and Navajo Times earned top honors Saturday at the Arizona Newspaper Association’s annual fall convention.

Navajo Gaming Enterprise officials plan to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of the enterprise on Sept. 25.

The Navajo Times Publishing Company, Inc. has announced that beginning Friday, Sept. 16, there will no longer be delivery of the Navajo Times printed issue to the Phoenix and San Carlos areas.

Business was really slow in the beginning, says Jackie Tsingine, owner of Canyon X Hiking Photography Tour, the lonely company situated at Milepost 307.8 alongside Arizona State Route 98.

A lot of people had an opportunity Friday at the first meeting of the newly created Council of Economic advisers to talk about the problems of the past and how they created problems in the past to the economic growth of the Navajo Nation.

When Navajo designer Vanessa Bowen hears Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump say “Make America Great Again” on the campaign trail, she wonders what exactly that means.

At most print shops, it’s business as usual – customers go in, order products like custom designed T-shirts and posters and leave as fast as they entered. That’s not the case at Ultimate Reality Designs, one of the few Native American-owned screen printing businesses in the city.