GMCS to meet today


The Gallup-McKinley County School Board will meet at the Tse’ Y’ Gai High School in Pueblo Pintado this afternoon at 2 p.m.

When they do, many people in the school district wonder if they will talk about the something they have tried to ignore for the past two months — the directive given to the board to rescind a letter given to the school’s superintendent Frank Chiapetti more than a year ago restricting his ability to do his job.

The letter was issued after an investigation showed complaints against Chiapetti that put him on administrative leave were unfounded. When Chiapetti returned to his position, the school board gave him a letter telling him, among other things, how to handle various personnel issues within the district.

Three months ago, the state department of Public Education told the school board it did not have authority to place that kind of restriction on the superintendent and gave them 30 days to rescind it.

That 30 days has long passed and the state has now sent the school board another letter, demanding that the board follow its earlier directive and to stop interfering in Chiapetti’s decisions.

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