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For Window Rock High School seniors, their entire education so far boiled down to one day: May 26.

Parents of students at Gallup-McKinley County Schools will no longer have to buy school supplies.

Ganado High School senior Nizhonabah Davis faced a new reality when she first moved to the Navajo Nation and she faces a new adventure when she heads for China on scholarship next year.

Samthony Parrish, a senior at Tuba City High School, has a career path as a welder ahead of him and a family behind him.

Weeks after the April 18 special election, the Navajo Election Administration officially named a four-member board for the Alamo Navajo Community School, one seat off from the full five-member board. 

Most graduation speeches are a variation of this theme: Work very hard and you will achieve your dreams.

No one can say the Rough Rock High School Class of 2017 got cheated out of their pomp and circumstance on account of there being only three of them.

Their first hill, perhaps one out of many more, is out of the way.

Throughout the crowd of graduates are stories of non-traditional students

Chilchinbeto Community School has had its accreditation reinstated.