There's more to Piñon than nuts

By Shondiin Silversmith
Navajo Times

PIÑON, ARIZ., May 15, 2014

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(Times photos - Shondiin Silversmith)

Piñon Unified School District wanted to prove there is more to Piñon then most people think, and what better way to prove that than through a talent show?

"Pinon's Got Talent" showed off the local community's abilities last Friday night as dozens of people piled into the Pinon High School Auditorium.

"We know there are a lot of talents here even if we are just in the quiet Piñon area," said Geronima Lopez, coordinator and pre-K teacher.

Lopez said that the talent people have in the Piñon community is great but she understands that "they are not really tapped into or not discovered. We thought let's have a talent show so everyone will know there is a lot of talent in Pinon."

She said that a talent show is a great way to provide the community with a fun outlet to showcase their talents.

"The children are given the chance to show their talents because if we don't have this they will forever hide it," Lopez added, noting that this type of public appearance will help people develop their perseverance. "They persevered (through) their fears to come out in the open and share their talents."

The talent show was divided into four categories: elementary individual, community individual, elementary group and community group.

Community members and Piñon Unified School District students were able to enter the competition by themselves or with a group.

There were five guest judges and Lopez said the judging criterion was a point system for each category.

The individual category was judged on their talent, creativity, showmanship, props/costume and audience impact.

The group category was judged on talent, creativity, showmanship, uniformity, props/costume and audience impact.

The champion and first runners-up of each category received a cash prize and certificate. The second runner-up received a certificate.

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