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Honorary diplomas awarded by Greyhills Academy to 4 distinguished leaders

By Krista Allen
Western Agency Bureau

TUBA CITY, May 29, 2014

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Four of the most influential people in the Navajo Nation received honorary diplomas from Greyhills Academy High on May 23.

The school awarded honorary diplomas to Percy Deal, Mary Martin, Buck Navajo Sr., and James Peshlakai.

Superintendent Tommy Lewis said the school board sought candidates last year in November. Twelve names were offered for discussion.

"Through some discussions, these four individuals were selected because we wanted to rotate among the communities where our students are coming from," said Lewis in an interview with the Navajo Times.

This year, recipients were chosen from Cameron, Bodaway-Gap, Hard Rock and Naatsis'áán.  Each of them had a very rural upbringing. And they are synched to the world's mysteries as is Percy Deal.

Lewis said all the honorary recipients bring a balance-quality showcase for the young people.

"The main intent is to tell the young people that if you work hard, if you try hard, and you live according to our Diné ways and teachings, step up and provide leadership, volunteer, and provide moral, spiritual support somebody's going to acknowledge you," he said.

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