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Navajo Times

June 14, 2012

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James Junes

  • Clans: Tachii'nii, Shash Dine'e, Ta'neeszahnii and Tabaahi.
  • Age: 41
  • Hometown: Shiprock.


10 years of laughs

  • High school: Kirtland Central.
  • Family: wife Rose Junes, children Karl Junes, Jalen Junes and twins Samaya Junes and Cole Junes.
  • Current residence: Farmington, N.M.
  • Years in comedy: 11.
  • Hobbies: fitness, mountain biking; yard work' helping his dad with sheep and cows on the rez; helping his wife plan James and Ernie shows.
  • States visited: About 40 in the U.S.
  • Favorite place(s) visited: The Northwest - Portland, Seattle - because of the landscape.
  • Highlight learning experience: "The continuity of being Native people. Thought it was just Navajos who parked 10 cars behind their houses. When I went off the Navajo Nation it was all of us. We're no different from one rez to the other..."
  • Places he'd like to perform: Princeton, Yale, its neighboring areas and casinos. Would like to be booked by all casinos across the country.
  • Years drug and alcohol free: 16 years.
  • Something most people don't know: Most people think the two hang out together all the time but once they leave the stage they go back to their individual lives. At times they don't even see each other until an hour before a show.

Ernest David Tsosie III

  • Clans: To'ahani, Todich'ii'nii, Tabaaha and Tachii'nii.
  • Age: 45.
  • Hometown: Window Rock.
  • High school: Window Rock High but graduated from Gallup High.
  • Family: wife Miranda Tsosie and children Taylor Tsosie; Elysia Tsosie, Piper Tsosie and Courage Tsosie.
  • Current residence: Window Rock.
  • Years in work: Acting for 17 years and comedy last 11 years.
  • Hobbies: Hanging out with his family, mountain biking, training with his friend, marital arts.
  • Favorite place traveled: Florida to perform for the Seminole Tribe, because he took his whole family with him.
  • Highlight learning experience: "Learning about Native Americans, even though we're different tribes, cultures we're all pretty much the same. As far as generosity, the love of our land, natural resources..."
  • Places he'd like to perform: Michigan, the upper East Coast, Rhode Island.
  • Years drug and alcohol free: 11 years.
  • Something most people don't know: "Some people don't know that I suffer from stage fright, or I used to. I kind of still feel that nervousness, that social anxiety. Sometimes it's really intense. There was time when I couldn't even step on a stage. And I'm a Jesus freak. I love the lord."