Barbecue takes center stage at Wild West Days

By Kyler Litson
Navajo Times

HOLBROOK, July 17, 2014

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(Times photo – Ravonelle Yazzie)

TOP: Raymond Porter of the Morongo Reservation competed in the Ace in the Hole Barbecue competition during the 32nd annual Wild West Days in Holbrook.

BOTTOM: Raymond Porter prepares his barbecue ribs for the competition in Holbrook on July 12.

The grills were fired up and the meat was sizzling this past Saturday at the 32nd annual Wild West Days.

The popular Ace in the Hole barbecue competition featured 19 professional teams that came from as far away as California to cook up a storm.

The yearly event is organized by the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce and also included vendors, which came from neighboring areas and all over the state.

Michael Nilsson, executive director of the chamber of commerce, said, “With the barbecue teams, there are big hopes for them just because we’re going to have competitions and potentially TV networks are going to be coming next year."

The winner of the competition is awarded with bragging rights and cash.

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