S10 and train collide, no injuries

WINDOW ROCK, October 25, 2012

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INDOW ROCK – A collision occurred between a pickup and a train about 10 p.m. on Sept. 22 near Houck, Ariz.

Police received the report of the accident from officials of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. No injuries were reported.

When police arrived at the scene about one mile southwest of the St. Anselm exit, they found a heavily damaged Chevrolet S10 pickup sitting on the north train track facing west.

The train engine had also received damage to the front end.

Witnesses said that they saw two people running away from the train track going south just before the collision occurred. Witnesses said they also saw no one in the vehicle at the time of the crash. Police were finally able to talk to one of the two people seen running away before the crash.

Gail Francisco, 32, of Houck told police that she had found the vehicle parked on the tracks. Inside was Malcolm George, 23, also of Houck.

She was unable to move the pickup but she was able to get George out of the vehicle. She said George had "suicidal tendencies" whenever he was drinking. An attempt was made to locate George but they were unsuccessful. The case is still under investigation and the police report indicated that charges will be filed.

Paralyzed man left outside Shiprock, drags himself four miles

Shiprock police reported that a Newcomb man, paralyzed from the waist down, had been forced to drag himself for more than four miles after he had been left some 30 miles south of Shiprock without his wheelchair.

Ricky Gilmore, 49, told police that the journey had taken him three days because no one would stop to help him.

He was finally picked up by a concerned driver who took him to the hospital where he treated for dehydration, a sprained wrist and an infection.

Police are looking for the Native American couple who reportedly dropped him off.

Two Pinedale men wanted

Navajo police are looking for Marion and Andrew Roberts, both of Pinedale, in connection with an aggravated battery report that was filed on Oct. 14.

Harvey Billy, 38, of Pinedale, told police he had been attacked by the two Roberts, who hit him with a bat and a chair.

Police said Billy had a large laceration to his forehead, which exposed part of his front skull and a smaller laceration to the back of his head, which was swollen as well.

Billy was taken to the Gallup Indian Medical Center for treatment.

Ganado man stabbed multiple times

A Ganado man received multiple stab wounds on October 3.

Police said they received a call from the brother of Ivan Fuson who said his brother was stabbed but he wasn't sure how it happened.

The only thing he knew was that two guys in a white car came by to see him earlier in the evening. Fuson was only able to name his assailant as George and said he didn't know the last name.

He was transported to Sage Memorial Hospital and then airlifted to Flagstaff for more treatment. The staff in Flagstaff said he had received 10 stab wounds and had a collapsed lung but was in stable condition.

Fuson said that there was a witness to the stabbing who he identified as Kyle Wilson but while police conducted a search for Wilson, he was not located.

Mescalero man's body found

ALBUQUERQUE - Dale Johnson went missing for more than a week before his body was found in a mountainous area near Mescalero, N.M., on July 8, 2011, according to a news release from the Albuquerque Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs still are investigating the 58-year-old Mescalero man's death, and are asking the public for help.

Johnson's body was found in a remote area directly north of the feast or ceremonial grounds on the Mescalero Apache Reservation.

No information about the condition of the body is being released at this time.

Johnson's relatives reported him missing June 29, 2011.

Anyone with information about what Johnson was doing or who he was with before his body was found is asked to call the Albuquerque FBI at 505-889-1300 (24 hours) or send a tip online at https://tips.fbi.gov.

Police investigating death of Zuni man

ALBUQUERQUE - The FBI and Pueblo of Zuni Police Department are investigating the death of a 48-year-old Zuni man, according to an Albuquerque FBI news release.

The body of Marty Fabian Mahkee was found on Highway 53, near mile marker 30.3, between Ramah and Zuni, at approximately 4 a.m. on Aug. 31, Mahkee had been seen walking east on or near Highway 53 about a half hour before.

Mahkee, who was wearing blue jeans, a dark T-shirt and a dark-colored backpack, may have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

Anyone with information about what happened to Mahkee is asked to call the Albuquerque FBI at 505-889-1300 (24 hours) or send a tip online at https://tips.fbi.gov.

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