Murder-suicide being investigated in Sanders

January 10, 2013

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W INDOW ROCK - Details were still sketchy but Navajo police are investigating a murder-suicide that occurred in the Sanders area on New Year's Eve.

Officials for the Apache County Sheriff's Office said the primary investigatory agency on the matter is the Navajo police. Officials in the Navajo Police Department in Window Rock said they were still waiting to see the report.

No names have been released but the Apache County Sheriff's Office said that a husband murdered his wife and then committed suicide. Navajo police on Tuesday were still interviewing people in the area to determine a reason behind the events.

Dogs responsible for killing Ramah boy are euthanized

Officials for the Ramah Navajo Police Department said Wednesday that the death of an 8-year-old boy in the community is still under investigation.

The boy, Thomas Jay Henio, died on Dec. 27 not far from his home in Pine Hill, Ariz. when he was attacked by eight dogs. According to police reports, seven of the dogs were strays and one was a family pet

Officials for the Grants Animal Control Department said they euthanized the eight dogs two days after the attack after they wee picked up by animal control officials. That had been picked up by animal control officials after a dog attack killed Henio.

The boy was less than a quarter mile from his home at the time of the attack, according to reports, which said there were no witnesses to he event. No one in the area also reported hearing any screams or barking around the time the attack occurred.

The boy's parents, Keith Comosono and Yolanda Henio have been charged in Ramah District Court for criminal nuisance and endangering the welfare of a minor in connection with the incident.

The complaint claims the two failed to provide proper supervision because they were intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Animal control officials in Gallup, which oversee dog control in McKinley County, said reports of dogs biting children are not unusual but it's rare to see dogs gang up on either a child or adult.

The Ramah attack is the second attack in less than two years in the county where a person was killed.

The first attack occurred near Church Rock some 18 months ago when Larry Armstrong, 55, was attacked and killed by several dogs. An autopsy revealed he died of a heart attack but it wasn't certain as to whether he had the heart attack before the dogs attacked him or whether the heart attack was caused by the dogs.

The day after that, animal control officials picked up more than 70 dogs in the area but were unable to determine which dogs were responsible for he attack. All of the dogs were euthanized.

Non-Indian in Ramah arrested on abuse, drug charges

Richard Glosch, 35, a non-Indian who lives in Pine Hill, N.M. on the Navajo Reservation, pled guilty last week to a marijuana trafficking charge in an Albuquerque federal district court.

Ramah police and the FBI had arrested Glosch last Oct. 25 after Ramah police responded to a domestic violence call at his residence and discovered that he had been growing marijuana plants in his home.

At the time, he was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and child abuse not resulting in death or bodily harm.

He agreed to plead guilty to the marijuana charge and the prosecutors agree to drop the abuse charge.

No sentencing date has been set and Glosch has been released until sentencing. He faces a possibility of up to five years in prison.

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