Piñon man sought in car wash battery

WINDOW ROCK, January 31, 2013

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A Piñon man is being sought in connection with an assault that took place by the Piñon Car Wash on Jan. 23.

Navajo police reported that Keo Scott, 73, of Pinon was battered about 2:30 p.m. near the car wash and his vehicle was stolen. Scott was able to stagger to the nearby Pinon Basha's where he told the store's security guard and manager what had happened. They called the police and his family who transported him to the Chinle hospital.

At the same time, police began searching for Channing White, 23, in connection with the incident. Scott was diagnosed by Chinle doctors as having a subdural hematoma which was causing bleeding inside his head. He was flown to Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix for further treatment for his head trauma.

Police said they found Scott's vehicle the next day in Piñon. The search for White is continuing.

Hit and run reported in Mexican Springs

Navajo police said a hit and run incident took place just off of Navajo Route 30 near Mexican Springs, N.M. on Jan. 21 involving a mother and daughter.

The dispatcher received a report about 7:50 p.m. that Marlene Boyd, 49, of Tohatchi had run over a female at that site.

When police arrived at the scene, they found emergency medical technicians working over Dionna Tyndall, 20, of Mexican Springs. Tyndall told police that Boyd, who is her mother, was intoxicated and became upset.

She added that her mother drove her vehicle at her, striking her in the right body area and then driving over her legs and hip area with a right rear tire. Boyd had left the scene but was later found and charged with aggravated battery against a family member, DWI and reckless driving.

Two men arrested in residential fire

Navajo police reported responding to a residential fire that occurred about a quarter-mile east of the school administration building in Chinle on Jan. 19.

When they got to the scene, they discovered that a hogan was on fire. Also at the scene were Jerome Eskeets, 38, and Myron Eskeets, 52, both of Chinle.

Police said both were intoxicated and both said that Myron Eskeets was putting another log into the wood stove when the fire got out of hand. Both were charged at the scene with public intoxication. Fire officials reported that there was damage to the hogan's roof and interior. The exterior of the hogan was intact but had been scorched.

Chinle fire causes damage to chest

Navajo police responded on Jan. 14 to a report of a fire about one mile south of milepost 442.5 on U.S. Highway 491 near Chinle.

Originally, according to the report, police were sent to the site because of a report that a fight was taking place. But as they were headed to the site, they were told that there was a fire being reported there as well.

It turned out that the home belonged to Virginia Lee, 43. But when police got to the scene, it was Carlos Garcia, 41, who they talked to. The residence was on fire. Police said they saw a large amount of black smoke coming out the front door of the house. Garcia said he was alone when the fire started and no one else was around. He added that he didn't know anything about a fight.

The Chinle Fire Department responded and removed a burning chest drawer from the house. It turned out that the chest drawer was located next to ash that had been removed from the stove. While the chest was damaged, fire officials said there was minimal damage to the walls of the house.

Two Grey Hills man gets year in prison on assault conviction

A federal judge in Albuquerque sentenced Travis Cohoe, 44, who resides in Two Grey Hills, N.M., to a year and a day in prison for his assault conviction. Cohoe will be on supervised release for three years after he completes his prison sentence. Cohoe also was ordered to pay $7,176.41 in restitution to the victim of his crime.

During his plea hearing last September, Cohoe admitted that on April 13, 2010, he seriously injured a Navajo man by running over him with his vehicle during the course of an argument.

The victim sustained a broken left femur, broken left wrist, broken facial bones, a concussion, and various abrasions as a result of the assault. Cohoe was intoxicated when he committed the assault. Cohoe has been in federal custody since entering his guilty plea.

Mud causes problems for McKinley County

The McKinley County Sheriff's Office and the county fire department has been called out several times this week to help Navajo families in the county who got stuck in the mud and needed help in getting out.

Both were called to help one family of 10 southeast of Gallup who got stuck some four miles from the highway about 1 a.m. on Sunday.

Anthony Dimas, head of emergency management for the county, said his office finally got involved when after two hours of effort, the family still had not been evacuated. It took ATV's three trips before the family was finally rescued about 4 a.m.

Fire officials said they expect residents who live in remote parts of the county on unpaved roads to continue having problems throughout this week as snow that hit the area melts and causes roads to be muddy and impassible except by four-wheel drive vehicles.

Mariano Lake man killed in accident

A Mariano Lake man was killed and a Pinedale woman was injured in an auto-pedestrian accident that occurred west of the Fire Rock Navajo Casino on Jan. 26.

New Mexico state police said the accident occurred on State Road 118 and Rehoboth turnoff about 6:15 p.m.

When state officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that two pedestrians had been hit by a vehicle driven by Paul Lorenzo Yoe, 68, of Tsaile. The pedestrians were identified as Daniel Charley, 69, who died at the scene, and Pauline Grey, 60, who was airlifted to Albuquerque for treatment at the University of New Mexico Hospital.

It is unknown at this time whether any charges will be filed.

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