Annual garden expo on tap at Tuba City

By Krista Allen
Western Agency Bureau

TUBA CITY, March 20, 2014

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TOP: Attendees visited each booth at the Tuba City Garden Expo in the St. Jude Catholic Church gymnasium where horticulture and health presenters from the region talked about specialty interests on March 22, 2013.

BOTTOM: Volunteers fill the interconnected vertical plastic of tubes with water that releases 1.8 million calories of heat when the water freezes. Each miniature greenhouse encircles a diameter just right for tomatoes, peppers, and other heat-loving frost sensitive plants.

As spring settles over Tónaneesdizí, the annual garden expo brings plans and projects to St. Jude Catholic Church.

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation's Diabetes Treatment and Prevention Services Department is getting ready for another garden expo set for next weekend at the Catholic Church on March 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"We want to continue the garden expo to give the community an opportunity to be able to begin their own garden, on how to begin the basics of it. Just give them a variety of things that they can do to begin their own garden," said expo coordinator Joni Nakaideneh. "As the year progresses, we notice that it's becoming a real big event."

In partnership with several regional organizations including John Hopkins Center for American Indian Health and FoodCorps, this year's garden expo will feature interactive booths and presentations.

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