Local businesses, organizations accepting donations for Assayii Lake Fire victims

By Lane Franklin
Navajo Times

WINDOW ROCK, June 18, 2014

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In a time of crisis, there needs to be a support network of assistance, protection and safety.

The Navajo Nation and the Navajo people have a large support system. Many inquiries have been made regarding who, what, when and where to donate money, food and additional items for the Assayii Lake Fire disaster.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the following locations are current shelter locations for evacuees, but are accepting donations as well:

  • Tohatchi High School 505-290-1628,
  • Newcomb School 505-368-5150,
  • Shiprock Chapter 505-406-7269 for individuals with medical conditions that require close proximity to a hospital,
  • Ch’ooshgai Boarding School 505-733-2700
  • Naschitti Chapter/Senior Center 505-732-5400.

The following locations are accepting donations:

  • Fort Defiance Chapter 928-729-4352
  • Tohatchi High School (listed above)
  • Shiprock Central Consolidated Schools Maintenance Department 505-368-5150
  • Shiprock Chapter (listed above)
  • Crystal Chapter 505-777-2800, donations specifically for firefighters.
  • Naschitti Chapter (listed above)
  • Sheep Springs Chapter 505-732-5408
  • Navajo Arts & Crafts Window Rock 928-871-4090 Shiprock 505-488-0101
  • Day Customs Inc. 928-871-3488, PHOENIX
  • Sacred Hogan 602-277-5280, FARMINGTON
  • Capacity Builders Inc. 505-326-4245, ALBUQUERQUE
  • American Indian Business Association at the Anderson School of Management, UNM 505-277-8889
  • Americans for Indian Opportunity 505-842-8677, GALLUP
  • Rio West Mall 505-722-7281
  • C&R Insurance 505-906-7562, FLAGSTAFF
  • Native Innovation Inc. 1-877-511-2342

According to Scott Snyder, spokesman for New Mexico Red Cross Headquarters in Albuquerque, “The American Red Cross has been supporting the Navajo Nation Office of Emergency Management’s response to the Assayii Lake Fire. In the support capacity, the Red Cross has deployed a shelter trailer stocked with emergency supplies to assist with evacuation and sheltering, and we have provided cots and blankets for their shelters.

“There are three Red Cross personnel onsite supporting their Emergency Operations Center (EOC),” he added. “Because of the nature of the incident the American Red Cross is ready and poised to support in any way needed and will do so.”

Snyder said the Red Cross is accepting donations for Disaster Relief that we will utilize to meet the needs of families impacted by the Assayii Lake Fire if further assistance is requested. If not, donations will go to help support the next disaster in New Mexico.”

To donate to the Disaster Relief, call 505-265-8514, 1-800-RED CROSS or make an online donation at www.redcross.org.

Many businesses across the Four Corners are contributing as well.

Home Depot Stores of Gallup and Farmington are cooperating to provide $4,000 worth of donations.

Home Depot General Manager Gallup Store Robert Adkins said both stores will donate, “one pallet of dust masks, two pallets of air filters, half a truck of water, six pallets of portable air conditioners, six pallets of mixed fans and two pallets of trash bags.”

Rob Day of Customs Inc. in Window Rock is another local business contributing to the Assayii Lake Fire disaster by being a drop-off site that will collect all donations and deliver them to the Crystal, Tohatchi and Naschitti Chapters.

“We have a lot more coming in from Phoenix and Albuquerque,” he added when detailing the amount of donations they have received including a pallet of bottled water donated by Lowe’s of Window Rock.

Navajo Arts & Crafts in Window Rock and Shiprock add to the list of charitable businesses with being another drop-off site accepting donations to be transported to the Crystal Chapter.

“We are collecting on behalf of the public, taking to Crystal Chapter house, where firefighters rest for relief,” said JT Willie, marketing director for Navajo Arts & Crafts in Window Rock mentioned.

Officials are also encouraging the public to practice caution when donating cash, a sign at the home base of Southwest Area Incident Management Team in Fort Defiance states,

“The Navajo Nation nor the fire service will not solicit for cash donations. Any website requesting for funds to be donated is not affiliated with this event.”

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