Taking a stand

Horse roundup, rangeland act are targets of riders

By Lane Franklin
Navajo Times

SUMMIT, Ariz., July 24, 2014

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(Times photos – Ravonelle Yazzie)

TOP: Vanessa Begay, center, cheers upon arriving at the Navajo Nation fairgrounds in Window Rock on Sunday. Begay rode with the Ha’a’aah (East) Diyin Nohooka’ Dine’ Be’lii’ riders.

MIDDLE: Protesters against the Navajo Rangeland Improvement Act arrive in Window Rock on Monday morning at the Navajo Nation Council Chamber.

BOTTOM: Horseback riders of the Diyin Nohooka’ Dine’ Be’lii’ stand outside the Navajo Nation Council Chamber on Monday morning in Window Rock.

Four groups of trail riders rode to convince tribal lawmakers that the proposed Navajo Rangeland Improvement Act of 2014 impedes their way of life.

The Diyin Nohooka Diné Be’lii group rode from all four directions to the Council Chambers in Window Rock.

The Ha’a’aah (East) came from the Crownpoint area; Shádi’ááh (South) rode from the Houck area; E’e’ah (West) made the trek from Tuba City; and Náhookos (North) began their ride in Shonto.

Leland Grass, of Shonto, Ariz., who led the western group, believes that the proposed act would inevitably take away grazing permits that older generations have had for years.

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