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Letters: “Fake news’ about Tuba City hospital

This letter is in response to the “fake news” reported by Krista Allen in the July 13, 2017 Navajo Times article entitled, “TC hospital flubs care for elderly Dine.” I want to correct errors from the article and provide facts about Tuba City Regional Healthcare Corporation and the rigorous requirements we fulfill to provide safe, accessible, quality, and culturally sensitive health care.


Time to take a firm grip on our future

The decommissioning of NGS provides the Navajo Nation with a rare window of opportunity for our Nation to truly pursue a path toward self-determination and self-sustainability. Now is the time for our Nation to transition toward a renewable energy future.


Letters: Adding a bit more to history of tax program

History is good for posterity, respect and honor.

Guest Essay Opinion

From the Publisher: A tip of the hat to two brothers

The Navajo Times newspaper will turn 57 years old in August. It became a copyrighted tabloid publication in 1960 and for most of its young years the Navajo Times office was located in an old building that stood in an area that today is the Window Rock Flea Market.


Letters: Permanent sources of revenue

It is my hope that our tribal leaders, and particularly the Council delegates, can see and understand this, as our need for financial resources will only increase, because in 1955, our tribal population was at 75,000; in 1977 this increased to 150,000; and most recently went over 300,000 in the year 2000.


Letters: Fix roads in Navajo capital

Can someone fix the roads? If not, at least place markers on the roads.


Letters: Dilcon principal refutes allegations

In response to the letter to editor dated June 8, 2017, titled “Dire concerns about Dilcon school board, principal,” I would like to make the following response. This letter is inaccurate to say the least and many areas are just outright lies.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: Replacement lease for NGS a challenging issue

On May 24, I introduced Legislation No. 0194-17, which seeks the Navajo Nation’s approval of a replacement lease for Navajo Generating Station to allow the power plant to remain in operation until December 22, 2019, rather than to begin shutting down in July.

Reporter's Notebook

Reporter’s notebook: Now there’s an app I could use

After my old iPhone 5 developed a malicious habit of muting my voice every time I called someone, my husband surprised me with an iPhone 7.


Letters: Defensive moves with malicious intent, slander, libel

Defensive moves with malicious intent, slander, libel