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Letters: Be aware of what you didn’t learn

As you make a new beginning in your life, graduate, be aware of important things you didn’t learn in school.


Letters: Our children, families deserve a healthy environment

The Gold King Mine continues to release 550 gallons of treated water each minute and the water inside the mine has continued to rise.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: To graduates: Each of you must discover your gift

Each and every one of you graduating this year possesses something special — a gift that is uniquely yours.

Reporter's Notebook

Reporter’s Notebook: An eye-opening drive to Albuquerque

Every journalist should deliver their publication’s product at least once in their careers. Not to write about but to observe the readership.


Letters: Our mom was petite yet strong

A Mother’s Day tribute to our mom, Jane Miranda Wauneka-Benallie. She was called home to our Heavenly Father on April 27, 2017. She was born Feb. 8, 1936, in Fort Defiance, up in the pine trees of her mother’s land.

Guest Essay

Guest Column: A forgotten pride: Navajo identity

I am the little girl at the end of a dirt road seldom traveled on. The curious mind who watched her grandmother weave rugs for eight hours straight, never tiring. The young soul who never understood the land she walked on was crying for help.


Letters: Plan for free tax services for the people

I’m writing this letter to encourage the Navajo Nation government to plan for an opportunity to help the Navajo people.

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Guest Column: Coal-fueled electricity has reached the tipping point

What are the plans Navajo leaders? Now that coal market and technology made the ultimate decision, which the owners of Navajo Generating Station recognize, but not the Navajo Nation.


Letters: Gun control is wrong, wrong, wrong

Regarding Navajo Nation bill 0114-17, sponsored by Aneth Delegate Davis Filfred, “to have better gun control and accountability for firearms circulating on the nation.”

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Guest Column: Support for the Public Safety Fund

The NNPD responds to over 200,000 calls for service and conducts over 25,000 arrests every year. This is a huge amount of work for approximately 200 officers on patrol duty.