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Since Nov. 6, 2017, Navajo Nation President Begaye vetoed the Veterans Trust Fund Act, which was overridden by the 23rd Navajo Nation Council by a unanimous vote of 22-0.

As a registered member of the Navajo Nation, self-proclaimed as the largest tribe (300,000-plus), recognized by the federal government. What government? A sovereign nation? Please.

Our Fundamental Laws serve as a useful standard by which to judge the cultural and environmental ramifications of climate change.

I probably won’t be voting this year in the tribal election. It’s the same old thing and the same old rhetoric. I have no confidence in the current administration and I have no confidence in the current candidates, too.

I hope that everyone, who are registered to vote, vote for the next president of the Navajo Nation, who will move us forward. Is it time to clean house?

There are over 300,000 members of the Navajo Nation and a percentage of that population has experienced being elected to a number of political positions.

The one issue that has not been brought up by any of the Navajo Nation presidential candidates in the 2018 elections is the homelessness of Navajos in border towns and on the Navajo Nation.

Here we are with our tribal presidential election. Once more we’re searching for a “hero” expecting to save us from ourselves. Some may have searched webs of information for validity but what’s not revealed is the stuff of dreams from worthy candidates, as in potential, promises, surprises, achievements, and possibilities for our society.

Our Diné bureaucrats and career politicians are many and even more “wanna-bes” are among the hopefuls awaiting their turn at the rip-off and swindling games of Navajo politics.

Speaking truth to power: To combat the oppression of money in politics (Citizens United), college students across the nation are not asking but demanding their university administrators “divest” (deny or dissociate) from the fossil-fuel industry as one of the greatest divestment movement in history to remove their dominance.