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Sehr Gut! Jawohl! (Very Good! Of course!)

I came across a den of wild dogs and could hear them crying. I crawled into the den and took them all home. I fell in love with them all. When I got home my nali lady was mad. She wanted me to kill them all. She said they are wild dogs, no good, but I just couldn’t kill those little dogs, so I took them back to the den with my dad. He was upset, too, but when we were leaving he let me take one. I took the meanest one that bit my hand and drew blood.

People who live in this area fill the holes with dirt and gravel. This morning a woman was using a shovel filling the potholes with dirt and gravel. She was alone filling the holes.

The Navajo Nation Primary Election is Aug. 28 and the General Election is Nov. 6. Let us see if we can do it right this time, without interference from our beloved government and/or the chief justice.

First, let me thank everyone for all of your hard work and dedication in fulfilling your mission statement on a daily basis. Thank you, too, to all of the road guards and others who kept me safe on my Day 1 ride.

President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez are flat-out terrible leaders and that has been on display since their inauguration.

Sorry, sorry, Cindy Yurth and Ravonelle Yazzie, for not reading your out-of-this-world full-page coverage of the 2017 Rez Dog Extravaganza:

Gallup Indian Medical Center Dental (where I was employed) as a whole generally prefers to extract teeth rather than to

“Navajo Sovereignty Day” was taken to Albuquerque, where a press conference was held April 24, 2018, to “celebrate” the 150th year of the signing of the Treaty of 1868.

Let’s look at our trust fund from a business and investment prospective.