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In 1999 I remember sitting at my high school graduation not knowing what would happen next. The “future” was like a huge blank canvas in front of me. It was both scary and exciting.

Several weeks ago, I was given the ultimate opportunity to promote the Navajo Code Talkers at the national level through photography. Steve Morgan, CEO of Veterans Motorsports, sponsor of XFinity race car number 74, and Mike Harmon Racing Team contacted me to see if they could honor the Navajo Code Talkers during Phoenix Raceway’s Ticket Galaxy 200 NASCAR XFinity Race.

Three lessons from last week’s election results. First: Gerrymandering can be defeated. The election districts in Virginia were designed to support incumbents, and especially Republicans.

Guest Column: Extending our boundaries

I grew up without a father. As a team, my mother, Aunt Pat, and grandmother shared that position. And for the majority of the time, my grandfather Guadalupe Chosa filled the role.

The DOJ concluded that Loreal’s civil rights were not violated, with attention to federal civil rights statue 18 U.S.C., subsection 242, that prohibits certain types of official misconduct. The news was disheartening, to say the least.

New Mexico congressional candidate Debra Haaland is crisscrossing Indian Country determined to get her name out there – and to raise enough money to be competitive.

By Mark Trahant Trahant Reports Here we go again: Congress is finding new ways to complicate health care. It really

Guest Column: How many more PNM shenanigans can we take?

Let me get this straight … in the pending rate hike request Public Service Company of New Mexico wants to spend $280 million more on coal and nuclear energy sources? Every penny of which and more I will pay back to PNM through my electric bill?

Preserving the Navajo Nation’s Permanent Trust Fund is critical to securing the future of the Navajo people.

Every day people all over the world take it for granted that the sun will rise and shine all day long. Nature on the other hand takes time every few years to send a reminder that there must be a pause for renewal.