Guest Column: Keep Ni’hima Ni’hoosdzaan clean, happy

Guest Column: Keep Ni’hima Ni’hoosdzaan clean, happy

By Alyson J. Shirley
Miss Navajo Nation 2015-2016

Alyson Jeri Shirley holds bouquet of pink roses.

Alyson Jeri Shirley

This week we celebrate Earth Day.

As Diné people, Ni’hima Ni’hoosdzaan is very sacred and precious to us. From her, we receive nourishment and water to sustain all life forms. As caretakers, we are to respect and take care of her daily for she is our Mother.

I want to ask each and every one of you to please take a good look around you. We want to keep our Mother happy so please clean up around your homes, dispose of all your trash properly, and not in arroyos, do not litter on the roads and she will continue to provide for us.

I encourage you to plant trees, gardens, grass, flowers, and cornfields to make her beautiful.

Please take care of your livestock, sheep, cattle, horses, and even your household pets. Keep them safe and off the roads.

Have your pets neutered and control their population. And most importantly, teach your children to respect, pray and give blessings to Mother Earth and Father Sky as it was passed down to us from our ancestors.

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