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For several weeks and months, my Council colleagues and I, as well as many others, have received numerous inquiries regarding the status of the $554 million settlement funds received from the federal government several months ago.

On March 24, I introduced a legislation requesting of the Navajo Nation Council to remove Mr. Herb Yazzie as the chief justice of the Navajo Nation. I don’t take this task lightly and do not perform this task as a means of revenge.

Guest Column: The future of the Nation rests with its women

My mother, who passed on in 2010, lived a life of sacrifice.

They walk alone, with a friend or in a group along the street. Often they stop by a street corner, a tree, a hillside or in a ditch, talking and laughing.

Guest Column, Duane A. Beyal: Instead of boring political speeches, let’s have games with cash as prizes

Her face peered at the table, her eyes just high enough to give her a view. Her bony finger gave the dealer the signal to hold or deal.

The Navajo Nation, like many tribal communities across the state, continues to struggle to grow our economy and provide more jobs, expand basic human services, getting healthcare and other services to the Navajo people, but most importantly educating our kids.

As Speaker of the Navajo Nation, it is one of my responsibilities and obligations to keep the Navajo people informed of the activities and legislative actions of the Navajo Nation Council.

Each year, the Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance receives approximately 17,000 applications from students seeking a college degree.

By Leonard Tsosie Special to the Times On Feb. 20, the Navajo Nation Supreme Court issued its opinion in Tsosie

By LoRenzo Bates Special to the Times The decision issued by the Navajo Nation Supreme Court to render null and