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I encourage families to take time on this day to teach our children about our history, our culture, our hopes, and dreams for their continued success, and instilling in our children – Ahééshdindzin (being appreciative and thankful).

Guest Column: Hawks, foxes, deer and rez horses

The morning was bright and clean. The highway smooth like a freshly washed porcelain plate. The Southwest horizon clear in the sun.

As speaker and on behalf of the 23rd Navajo Nation Council, it is my honor to congratulate Mr. Russell Begaye and Mr. Jonathan Nez for being elected by our Diné citizens to serve and lead the great Navajo Nation. My colleagues and I look forward to working with your administration in the years to come for the betterment of the Navajo Nation.

My family, friends and relatives, please be aware of the amount of garbage that is produced each year and where you dispose of your garbage.

Guest Column: The NTS team

The bus arrived at 6:37 a.m. At Gallup Indian Medical Center, the sky to the east was lightening. The streets were empty, the crows the only movement.

Guest Column: NTEC needs support of tribal officials, Diné people to prosper

The Navajo Council has two important legislations before them this week, both of which would strengthen a young Navajo enterprise, Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC), which owns the Navajo Mine near Farmington.

Guest Column; After 30 years, work and journey continue

This year on April 11 marks the 30th year since the establishment of a Navajo Women’s Commission by the Advisory Council of the Navajo Council on April 11, 1985.

While in office as a delegate, I witnessed the 1989 incident. Today, evolving situations still takes me back to those awful, horrible days. I never want the nation to re-live those days.

I introduced legislation requesting of the Navajo Nation Council to remove Herb Yazzie as the Chief Justice of the Navajo Nation, because he has created quite a stir not on the merits, but in the form of character assassination and cynicism.

All of us have moments in our lives that when we look back, we can say, “Yes, that’s when my life changed forever.”