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First, let me thank everyone for all of your hard work and dedication in fulfilling your mission statement on a daily basis. Thank you, too, to all of the road guards and others who kept me safe on my Day 1 ride.

President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez are flat-out terrible leaders and that has been on display since their inauguration.

Sorry, sorry, Cindy Yurth and Ravonelle Yazzie, for not reading your out-of-this-world full-page coverage of the 2017 Rez Dog Extravaganza:

Gallup Indian Medical Center Dental (where I was employed) as a whole generally prefers to extract teeth rather than to

“Navajo Sovereignty Day” was taken to Albuquerque, where a press conference was held April 24, 2018, to “celebrate” the 150th year of the signing of the Treaty of 1868.

Let’s look at our trust fund from a business and investment prospective.

Last week, Maryleen Tahy, a former candidate for the San Juan County, Utah, Commission and a Blanding, Utah, resident, submitted a letter sharing her experience with the San Juan County Democratic Party and accusing the party of being taken over by Utah Diné Bikéyah (“Utah Diné Bikéyah takes over Democratic caucus,” April 5, 2018).

I want to share with people of San Juan County, Utah, my experience in the 2018 election process. I was a Democratic candidate for the San Juan County, Utah, Commission race.

The article about late Jane Biakeddy published in the Navajo Times (“Memories of Jane Biakeddy of Big Mountain”) dated March 8, 2018, inspired me to write this letter.

I am Danielle Jackson and I go to the Santa Fe Indian School in New Mexico. I’m taking a class