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With proper education our Diné would have acquired financial knowledge and there would have been no poverty among our Diné.

Nation-building challenges face the Navajo Nation and its leadership in the areas of economic development, public safety, land management and education, to name a few.

I try to refrain from commenting on certain issues only when necessary, but when will NHA start building the new

Opportunities exist for our Diné to escape poverty, but they can only do so by being allowed to invest the $410 million mismanaged money in themselves. The Tribal Government however has unwisely claimed that money.

I disagree with Patty Lunstrom’s statement in the Navajo Times that imposing a tax on hospitals is good for New Mexico.

There are many home break-ins throughout the reservation where victims of such situations suffer greatly in many ways.

A few days ago a friend told me of a young man who died in an accident on a lone highway in California.

My name is Richard Keams and I live in Choctaw, Mississippi, with my family. I am married to a Choctaw Indian and have lived out here for over 40 years.

Edward T. Begay, Ervin Chavez, and Leila Help Tulley wrote a nice guest column where they justified the money Navajo

Each day, 240 individual train carloads of coal are burned at NGS. A statistic like that is almost impossible to comprehend, so it helps to put that into perspective. NGS has burned that much coal per day since it opened more than 40 years ago.