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This letter is in response to a critical and damaging letter to the editor from Howard Bitsuie.

There are few greater responsibilities before us than to care for and ensure, to the best of our abilities, the wellbeing of our children.

In recent weeks, some have followed the new U.S. President-elect with some interest. As soon as he won the election, he started selecting his potential team of the cabinet, directors, department heads, advisors, etc., before he even stepped into the office. This is called being proactive.

Many months ago, the Navajo Nation was entrenched in the quagmire of Navajo Code crisis over who was to be president.

I’m writing about the Blue Canyon Road on behalf of my family and the people who live in the community.

Presently, I just want to give the tribal leaders a wake-up call and share some important matters of concern and couple them together in this short letter.

Over the last several months, we’ve been hearing about the Bureau of Indian Education’s desire to transfer authority of Navajo BIE-funded schools and place it under the authority of the Diné Nation.

NHA managers should be aware that now with the new Trump administration coming into office we might lose our housing monies.

On Dec. 2, at the Navajo Nation Museum, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the BIA held a public meeting about the proposed “Farmington Mancos-Gallup Resource Management Plan Amendment” and Environmental Impact Statement.

As a former Miss Navajo Nation titleholder, I write with grave concern and utmost urgency in regards to the Navajo Times editorial …