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NHA managers should be aware that now with the new Trump administration coming into office we might lose our housing monies.

On Dec. 2, at the Navajo Nation Museum, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the BIA held a public meeting about the proposed “Farmington Mancos-Gallup Resource Management Plan Amendment” and Environmental Impact Statement.

As a former Miss Navajo Nation titleholder, I write with grave concern and utmost urgency in regards to the Navajo Times editorial …

In all the debates about Mexican gray wolves, there’s one opinion that rarely gets considered. God’s opinion. The most honorable opinion of all.

Why do we do vote if it is going to be a meaningless and worthless cause? I would like to comment on the recent national presidential election on Nov. 8, which was decided by electoral vote.

On a sunny bright day on Aug. 21, 2016, the Navajo Nation three branches officially established the first Navajo Nation Youth Council and appointed 11 Navajo youth leaders to serve their nation …

One day during the afternoon in the month of August 2016, a hero in disguise was formed in an instant.

Now is a perfect opportunity to change the health message from “Eat healthy and be physically active,” to “Here’s where you can get healthy food and here’s where you can be physically active.”

Just to let your readers know — discrimination and racism is still alive here in Farmington.

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade Project. Too much of it is coming from the usual suspects — Flagstaff, Phoenix, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.