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As the alien spaceship approached Earth, one says to another, “They communicate through things called words and use each other with papers that they sign.”

The family and community of Torreon gathered May 2 to celebrate Navajo Code Talker Bill Toledo’s 91st birthday. Four generations

The police car pulled up to the east side of a four-way intersection. I was about 10 yards away.

A PRC report to constituents of District 4

I am reporting directly to you, the constituents of District 4, on several topics that have taken place during my first quarter since returning to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.

There are some people out there, blessed enough to have found a friend to truly call family.

This year, I pray for good blessings to be placed upon our mothers of the Navajo Nation.

It is an honor to serve the Navajo people and a privilege to represent the Navajo Nation.

I encourage families to take time on this day to teach our children about our history, our culture, our hopes, and dreams for their continued success, and instilling in our children – Ahééshdindzin (being appreciative and thankful).

Thank you for this opportunity to weigh in on the Navajo Supreme Court orchestrated special presidential election results.

Guest Column: Hawks, foxes, deer and rez horses

The morning was bright and clean. The highway smooth like a freshly washed porcelain plate. The Southwest horizon clear in the sun.