Western grazing officials, Nohooka' Diné oppose grazing act

By Krista Allen and Cindy Yurth
Navajo Times

TUBA CITY and WINDOW ROCK, Jan. 30, 2014

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Navajo Nation Agriculture Department Director Leo Watchman predicted the proposed Rangeland Improvement Act would be a tough sell, and at least two groups have firmly said "no sale."

Nohooka' Diné, a group claiming to represent traditional rural people, and Western Agency grazing officials have both issued statements urging the Ag Department and Navajo Nation Council to "cease and desist" developing the act.

The act as proposed by Agriculture would cancel all BIA-issued grazing permits and replace them with ones issued by the Navajo Nation.

It contains a number of other sweeping proposals to help the Nation reclaim and preserve its grasslands, including replacing the current grazing representatives with full-time Navajo Nation employees under the direction of the Agriculture Department.

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