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Tuba City woman serving as foster parent for 28 years

The show must go on.

Woman dies waiting for NHA home

A six-month-old Bluffdale, Utah, boy died Monday of injuries suffered in a boating accident on Lake Powell the previous evening.

50 Years Ago: Battle over peyote divides council

The 1967 Navajo Tribal Fair was held 50 years ago and the local media announced the following week that it was one of the goriest weekends for the reservation with five people dying and 29 injured in accidents on reservation roads.

A fire on the southwest side of Naatsis’aan that may have been started by lightning has burned more than 20 acres since Monday afternoon.

Chapters affected by the Sept. 14 manhunt have been given the green light to lift the lockdown, despite police not succeeding in apprehending a murder suspect in their area.

Crystal Littleben is new Miss Navajo Nation

After 15 years, it seems the Navajo Nation’s opinion on allowing genetic research on the reservation has evolved. Navajo leaders, researchers, tribal members and even medicine men are pretty much in consensus to allow genetic research on the Navajo Nation.

Seventeen-and-a-half miles. That’s the extent of paved roads the Navajo Nation can afford to build each year based on its federal highway allocation …