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“We are talking about an issue that continues to victimize a lot of Navajo families,” said Leonard Gorman, the executive director of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission.

It turned out that 1968 and 1969 were watershed years in the history of Navajo culture.

Bahe Whitethorne Jr., a visionary Diné artist whose extraordinary talent spoke about contemporary issues through the romance of painting, died Monday, March 26. He was 41.

Navajo owners of small business are still upset at a resolution approved by the Navajo Nation Council last year that gave the Navajo Engineering and Construction Authority Priority One status when it comes to getting tribal government contracts.

Three men from Kaibeto were killed Saturday afternoon in a fiery crash on Arizona State Route 98.

A shady car salesman from Holbrook, Arizona, whom Navajos had been complaining about for years, was sentenced Thursday to six years in prison after pleading guilty to four counts of fraudulent schemes and artifices, a Class II felony.

Two eagles were shot at Navajo Agricultural Products Industry and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is investigating.

Diné women who’ve served in the Armed Forces, please stand up.

In a resolution passed on March 11, Fort Defiance Chapter asked the governing board of the Window Rock Unified School District to remove the superintendent they hired two years ago.

About 40 teachers, students and parents mobbed a school board meeting at Many Farms High School March 13 to protest the firing of a popular math teacher who had refused to change the grade of a school board member’s grandson so he could play sports.