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According to witnesses, a school board member and chapter official in Sanostee, New Mexico, has continued to serve in both her positions as late as Sunday in spite of a complaint filed against her by the Department of Diné Education for allegedly failing to disclose two alcohol-related offenses on her candidacy application.

“Based on the rate of decline, how it has been accelerating, the guess is maybe by 2020, which is in three years, when they do the Census, (Navajo language speakers) will be down to 30 percent…”

Low student enrollment leads to reduced funding in 2018 WINDOW ROCK Decreasing enrollment at Navajo Nation Head Start is prompting

Navajo Nation grazing officials had hoped to have some time at this week’s Division of Natural Resources Land Summit at Twin Arrows casino to voice some concerns. But a lot of them can’t even afford to drive there.

50 Years Ago: Gorman defends Rough Rock school

The Rough Rock Demonstration School has come under attack and Howard Gorman, one of the most respected members of the Navajo Tribal Council, has vowed to get to the bottom of the controversy.

The Navajo Nation Police headquarters in Window Rock was closed Tuesday while maintenance personnel search for a possible gas leak…

Last survivor of the ‘Morenci Nine’ reflects on Vietnam

It was one of those things they had always planned to do some day, but nobody ever got around to setting a date.

With enough bottled water donated by various veterans groups to fill up his living room, To’Hajiilee Veterans Commander Gilbert Platero found himself with no place to accept the donations until he found out about the Navajo Nation Christian Response Team.

As 1967 was coming to a close, Navajo Tribal Chairman Raymond Nakai began realizing he had a problem and that centered on the head of the Office of Navajo Economic Opportunity – Peter MacDonald Sr.