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Delegate Edmund Yazzie remembers the accomplishments he had been a part of when Thoreau was the only chapter he represented when the Navajo Nation Council had 88 delegates.

Former Hopi Chairman Herman Honanie, who ran unsuccessfully for re-election in the recent chairman race, has petitioned the Hopi Tribal Court to remove his successor from office, saying he never should have been allowed to file as a candidate.

In a swift and unanimous vote, the Navajo Nation Council made a defiant decision to override President Russell Begaye’s veto of changes to the Veterans Trust Fund.

In the remaining 12 months of the Russell Begaye-Jonathan Nez administration and the 23rd Navajo Nation Council, it’s worth considering not just who will seek re-election or what new faces we’ll see on the campaign trail, but to also view the relationship between the legislative and executive branches.

The Navajo veterans’ protest against President Russell Begaye’s veto of the Veterans Trust Fund amendments went on as planned last Thursday morning.

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye put a damper on Veterans Day when he vetoed the Veterans’ Trust Fund Income Act bill.

Hundreds of program managers working for the Navajo Nation’s executive branch may soon find themselves at risk of being fired for no cause.

The Navajo Nation Council approved legislation amending the comprehensive budget during Tuesday’s special session.

The director of the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission had good news and bad news Tuesday for Navajo voters in San Juan County, Utah.

Rather than getting the funds from the UUFB, they decided to use an alternative route and allocated $1 million from the UUFB for each of the 24 delegates.