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2018 budget, heading for line-item vetoes, culminates a divisive year

The process of distributing gaming funds to chapters was met with some confusion during an update report given to the Budget and Finance Committee last Tuesday.

Eight years after the Navajo people voted to reduce the size of the Navajo Nation Council from 88 to 24 members, a lot of tribal members are apparently unhappy with the way things have turned out.

After the Naabik’iyati’ voted against the bill amending the criminal code to allow cultivating marijuana for medical uses, the controversial bill was still set to go before Navajo Nation Council.

Janis Damon said this past weekend she plans to fight efforts by a group of disgruntled members of her chapter who want to force her out of office.

Committee votes to remove economic boss, keep community development boss

An issue not discussed in the state of the nation report by President Russell Begaye on Monday was embezzlement of money by chapter officials.

A bill recommending the removal of the executive director for the Division of Economic Development, Crystal Deschinny, is ready for Resource and Development Committee action.

If new statistics released by the Associated Press are to be believed, gerrymandering in the Four Corners is the rule rather than the exception.

Former Navajo Nation Council Delegate Peterson Becenti Yazzie, who served three terms from 1999 to 2011, has died.