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The important games coaches have been talking about all season are finally here.

Reaching the latter stages of the Division III state tournament is a possibility for the Holbrook girls’ basketball team.

The final score from Saturday night’s game with Red Valley-Cove will show yet another loss for the Tsé Yi’ Gai boys basketball team.

They’re titans of Native sports history with sportsmanship and flair when they were on the court, making their mark among those considered star quality.

The Santa Fe Indian School girl’s basketball team has never stopped being the Running Braves.

Rennell Gilmore made a bold statement at the beginning of the season. She told the parents, “This team is going to bring back nine.”

The players come and go but one of the greatest rivalries in New Mexico renewed itself on Tuesday night as Navajo Pine hosted Rehoboth in prep boys action.

After a lackluster return from winter break things are starting to turn around for the Red Mesa boys basketball team.

Tate Tsingine is Tuba City Lady Warriors’ franchise player.

For one half of play, the Rock Point girls’ basketball team had to fight through some ragged play on Friday night.