Megabucks to award $8,000

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Bull rider Donnie Francis covered one of two bulls and won last year’s MegaBucks Bullriding at the Dean C. Jackson Memorial Arena. Francis is expected to defend his title this weekend.


The annual MegaBucks Bull Riding has showcased some of the brightest stars in the sport.

This year’s event is no different, as Cody Jesus, Travis Briscoe and Donnie Francis will be performing this weekend in the 11th edition at the Dean C. Jackson Memorial Arena here in Window Rock.

But those cowboys are not the only elite-caliber athletes making the trek to the Nation’s capital. In addition to those bull riders, some of the top bulls from Owen Washburn, Windy Valley, Ron Alsbaugh and Dusten Daniel will be exhibiting their bucking abilities.

MegaBucks promoter Tye Arviso said having those contractors and some of the top Navajo-owned contractors is one of the reasons why they attract so much interest. The top prize of $8,000 is another good reason.

“This is one of the most prestigious open bull-riding we have in our area,” Arviso said in a telephone interview with the Times. “I think the caliber of the bucking bulls is so good that we have a lot of guys wanting to get on some good bulls.”

The top six scores will advance into Saturday’s short go-round. Last year, Arviso said only five riders qualified so for the ones who cover their bull are almost guaranteed a check.

“Basically if you ride for eight seconds you are going to place,” he said.

As for the prize money, Arviso said the payout is not like any other payouts in the area.

“We’re the only bull riding event that gives 100 percent payback,” he said. “They don’t do that anywhere in the U.S.”

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