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Team-training gym creates a family of like-minded exercisers

By Alastair Lee Bitsoi
Navajo Times

GALLUP, Nov. 3, 2014

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(Times photo – Donovan Quintero)

TOP: Toree Willoughby from Gallup does a thruster and lifts 75 pounds over her head during a 30-minute high-intensity workout at The Colosseum Team Training. “I’m addicted. When I started, I could only lift the 45-pound bar by itself,” said Willoughby, who is in her third month of training.

MIDDLE: The Collosseum Team Training owner Chris Ornelas, right, checks to see how his clients are doing with their high-intensity workout on Monday in Gallup.

BOTTOM: Sal Murillo from Gallup leaps over the bar, which is part of his high-intensity workout at The Collosseum Team Training in Gallup. Lucio is on his second month of training.

Prior to joining The Colosseum Team Training gym, Toree Willoughby was a couch potato.

To combat her sedentary lifestyle, she tried resorting to the Insanity Workout. And as she put, Insanity wasn't motivating enough for her because it kept her home, near the couch.

So, when the 21-year-old, who learned of The Colosseum via Facebook, walked in to try a free workout, she was immediately hooked.

The gym's team environment of like-minded individuals socializing and exercising to a variety of high-intensity workouts with blasting music appealed to Willoughby and is the reason she continues being a member at The Colosseum.

"When you come here, everything is different," Willoughby said. "You're with people who encourage you. It's made me a lot happier and it's improved me in every aspect."

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