Navajo golfer Kelcey Tate aims to have breakout year

By Oree Foster
Special to the Times

GALLUP, July 24, 2014

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After struggling this past year, Navajo golfer Kelcey Tate hopes to have a breakout season this fall.

Tate, a Grand Canyon University senior, experimented with a new swing, causing her to struggle with her game.

"I struggled this past year during my golf season," Tate said. "I made major swing changes that I did not feel confident with during the fall season and it continued to feel uncomfortable during the spring season. It is very difficult to improve the golf game once you have achieved a certain level. The mental aspect is very difficult to overcome and dealing with it cannot be taught, only learned."

She said she has regained her confidence and is ready for her final year of competition.

"I am ready to start pushing towards the next level," Tate said. "Now that Grand Canyon University has become a NCAA Division I school, it seems that there is more pressure to perform. The school is looking to make their athletic programs great. With that there is pressure on them to recruit great players and compete with other Western Athletic Conference schools."

This summer Tate is serving as an intern with the Notah Begay III Foundation. She said the foundation is conducting junior golf clinics for youth 6 to 18 years of age.

"The foundation is promoting the program and it is growing," she said. "The foundation's goal is to reduce childhood obesity and diabetes. I am working with the foundation and trying to maintain my practice around work. It is a lot of hours and I have to fit practice in. I am also trying to get stronger by working out."

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