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There were as many reasons to attend the Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial’s opening night Wednesday as there were attendees, which is to say a couple hundred.

Navajo and English speaking children and teens are needed for: child actors/actresses (ages 4-11 and teens up to 18); puppeteers; modern/traditional singers and dancers; drum groups and dance groups. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Robert Mesa, who played Tecumseh in the History Channel’s “Frontiersmen,” calmly talks about the time he got ink poisoning from a tattoo on his left arm that he knew, being Navajo, he shouldn’t get.

Young weaver makes bold move toward full-time craftsman

Artist’s goal is to capture details, yet show unity of tribes

Rock the Canyon Arts and Music Festival remembers Bahe Whitethorne Jr.

Armed with a lightsaber and moccasins, Dezbah Evans is trying to change the narrative.

“The crew was amazing,” Sydney Freeland said about being a guest director on an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The Navajo filmmaker directed Episode 20 of Season 14 earlier this month.

Back in 1989, a young man named Roger Manley came to the Navajo Nation and struck up a friendship with Mary Keahey, whose mother was one of the women who wove the huge rug in Chilchinbeto, Arizona, known as “Shimá” (“My Mother”).

Maiyah King was just a toddler when she first started drawing with her grandmother.