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When people think about a fashion designer’s studio, a wide-open space covered in fabric and mannequins might come to mind.

When people see Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim, they may only see a politician.

When it comes to movies, much can be said about aspect ratios and picture quality, but regardless of a movie screen’s height and width, the picture itself is still flat.

The kids of Asta Biyaazh Community School brought the power of Broadway to their little school as they danced their hearts out for their “Broadway Bound” performance this past Friday.

Ron Larson says he’s really attracted to the colors of the Colorado Plateau.

“40 Years with the Navajo” opens up the history of the Navajo people from the perspective of Japanese photographer Kenji Kawano’s lens and state of mind.

It’s not everyday one gets to visit the opera, but a few dozen people witnessed the University of New Mexico’s Opera Theatre students perform at UNM-Gallup Monday night.

Jolonzo Goldtooth has gone from modeling to making fashions and now he is preparing to take his designs to a New York City fashion show as a featured designer.

With pieces of red and white leather, Rock Point, Ariz. native Damien John led a large crowd last week at Hunters Point Boarding School through the process of making moccasins.

SHONTO, Ariz. – Randall J. Wilson squinted while Baje Whitethorne Sr. finished up another masterpiece. Some artists, like Ed Singer,