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Dilkon requests exclusion of Pittmans

Dilkon Chapter has passed a resolution asking the Navajo Nation president and Department of Justice to exclude Dante and Rivke Pittman, aka ’Aiy and Qmamti Bnu, from the reservation based on their alleged ties to an extremist cult.


Growing in popularity

Navajos getting reacquainted with farmers’ markets


Plane crash-lands near Hard Rock

A small plane crash-landed near Hard Rock, Arizona early this morning, according to residents in the area.


Chapter officials, residents worried about new home site regs

When the five compliance officers for the new home site regulations are hired, they will face a daunting task — enforcing laws that nearly everyone on the Navajo Nation is violating.


Chinle flea market closed but vendors make do

Paul Guy Jr. and Paul Guy III came to the Chinle flea market bright and early Aug. 4 like they do every Friday to sell their hay. But there was a fence around the couple of acres of bare clay where the market is usually set up.


New book a comprehensive guide to the Code Talkers

There are, at last count, 37 books about the Navajo Code Talkers if you include novels, children’s stories and a coloring book. The latest, “Voices of Victory: The Navajo Code Talkers” (CRM Books, 2017) is the one for serious Code Talker geeks.


As school trial rages, ed secretary visits gaining school

As a lawsuit over the state of education in New Mexico was being heatedly argued in Santa Fe, the acting secretary of education made a visit to one of the plaintiff school districts.


Chinle police, school security get active shooter drill

In a perfect world, school security wouldn’t have to do much besides direct traffic at basketball games and break up the occasional wrestling match, maybe intercept a bottle of vodka a prankster was planning on pouring into the punch at the school prom.


Broke chapter votes to stay open

Ignoring warnings from the Division of Community Development that it would trigger massive liability issues, not to mention an accounting nightmare, Whippoorwill Chapter voted unanimously Sunday to keep its chapter house open full-time — in spite of the fact that the chapter has no money and is tens of thousands of dollars in debt.


Hitting the lottery

It was like every near-death experience Margarita Charley had ever read about.