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Hwéeldi at 150

Is it possible for the cellphone generation to truly appreciate the privations of their ancestors? Should they have to?

Chapter Series

Becoming a hub

On your way from Chinle to Pinon on the recently repaved N4, you will come across a broad, flat valley surrounded by low, rocky mesas, bisected by a big wash.

Election 2014

Supreme Court to hear Deschene case

CHINLE – The Navajo Nation Supreme Court will hear oral arguments concerning whether Christopher Clark Deschene should be disqualified from running for Navajo Nation president because he is not fluent


Founder: Miss Utah Navajo pageant was way to regain pride

MONTEZUMA CREEK, Utah – You might say the Miss Utah Navajo pageant started with a 7th-grade history textbook. Growing up in the isolated Utah section of the reservation, where they

Chapter Series News

Chapter Series: Corn, Craps and Cryptids

Everything’s larger-than-life in Upper Fruitland (Editor’s note: In an effort to chronicle the beauty and diversity of the Navajo Nation, as well as its issues, the Navajo Times has committed

Chapter Series

The Gathering Spot

Twin Lakes/Bahastl’ah has hosted summits since prehistoric times (Editor’s note: In an effort to chronicle the beauty and diversity of the Navajo Nation, as well as its issues, the Navajo


Dilkon, Teesto chapters regroup after blazes

In the aftermath of the twin blazes that leveled the Dilkon Chapter administration building and the Teesto Chapter House early Saturday morning, the chapters are doing what Navajos have always


Teesto, Dilkon fire probe turned over to feds; chapter officials respond to loss

Investigation of the nearly simultaneous Dilkon and Teesto chapter compound fires has been turned over to the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Election 2014 Politics

Crunching the numbers pays off for Shirley

“Eight more years!” was the chant to which a loud and triumphant cadre of Joe Shirley Jr. supporters stormed the Window Rock Sports Center Tuesday night, declaring victory in the


Anasazi Inn is a funky hideaway

These days, the folks who come to explore the magnificent scenery and fascinating culture of the northern part of the Navajo Nation have a wide variety of lodging options, from