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Times editor shares her journey with rural youngsters

As the youngest editor and the only female in the Navajo Times’ 50-year history, Candace Begody has been invited by at least a dozen groups to share the story of how she came upon her career.

Election 2014

Begaye: Don’t delay election, people ready to vote

At a campaign rally last Thursday in Chinle — home of not only his opponent, Joe Shirley Jr., but also the man who is trying to get his name off the ballot, Myron McLaughlin — presidential candidate Russell Begaye and his running mate Jonathan Nez managed to draw about 30 people with a message of “healing and reconciliation.”


Steamboat official dies in wreck

Steamboat, Ariz. lost one of its commissioners in a car crash Friday.


‘Bionic soil’ offers hope for dirt rez roads

If you live on one of the hundreds of dirt roads across the Navajo Nation, you’re probably stocking up for the winter in case your road turns to slippery mush and becomes impassable.


Many Farms grazing official claims Naize seat

Former Council candidate Roland Tso will serve the unexpired term of Johnny Naize, who resigned in Sept. before pleading guilty to bribery.

Election 2014

‘We are a Nation of laws’

The divisiveness over the Navajo Nation Supreme Court’s Oct. 31 oral contempt ruling compelled the court to go to great lengths — 12 pages, to be exact — to explain its decision in its written order, made public Wednesday evening.


Charter school in Navajo gains approval

The second charter school on the New Mexico side of the reservation has been approved by the New Mexico Public Education Commission and is hoping to open its doors next fall, the founders announced this week.

Election 2014

Kirkpatrick squeaks by; 3 Diné waltz into statehouse

In spite of low voter turnout on the Navajo Nation, U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-Dist. 1) late Tuesday night kept her House seat in a squeaker against the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Andrew M. Tobin.

Election 2014

Election board found in contempt; Deschene to pay attorney fees

Two justices of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court — the third declining to participate in proceedings — found the Navajo Nation Board of Election Supervisors in contempt of court Friday for failing to remove Christopher Deschene.

Election 2014

AZ Senate candidate wants to get back to founding principles

He describes taxes as “theft,” considers gay marriage “debauchery” and doesn’t think abortion should be tolerated under any circumstances.