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Laid to rest?

Airman buried after 43 years, but questions linger


Fire in Chinle

A fire broke out in the Nazlini Wash about 9 p.m. Sunday.


AP finds gerrymandering in all 3 rez states

If new statistics released by the Associated Press are to be believed, gerrymandering in the Four Corners is the rule rather than the exception.


Fires popping up in spite of restrictions

In spite of fire restrictions on the reservation, at least six small fires were reported around Gallup and the reservation over the weekend and Monday, according to local fire authorities.


Solstice at Chaco provides window into ancient life

As the shortest night of the year settles over the campground at Chaco Canyon, sound echoes off the pictograph-laden canyon walls: the ping of rocks on tent stakes, excited voices, and of course someone has brought a Native flute and another camper a drum.


Burglars hit DV program

Employees at Ama doo Alchini Bighaan, the domestic violence program in Chinle, came to work Monday to find the trailer that houses the program ransacked.


Sexual harassment case raises cultural questions

Could Navajos and bilagáanas have differing definitions of sexual harassment?


Not getting fleeced

Wool buyers say they have motives beyond profit

Reporter's Notebook

Reporter’s notebook: Now there’s an app I could use

After my old iPhone 5 developed a malicious habit of muting my voice every time I called someone, my husband surprised me with an iPhone 7.


Accident takes out power in Chinle

Power was still out in central Chinle as of 7:45 as NTUA crews worked to replace a power pole damaged by an out-of-control vehicle.