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‘Nothing scary’ – the youth of song and dance

Alicia Tsosie was three years old when she first started to participate in song and dance competitions. Her family is very active in song and dance.


Cody finally appears

‘Outsiders’ bash ‘career politicians’ at forum


Fair queen contests see 1 or few girls trying for crown

There has been a trend this pageant season — having only one or few contestants.


Recall petition accepted for Alamo School Board

Three more Alamo Navajo School Board members are on the verge of being removed.


Fair pay for women is group’s first goal

Native women working off the reservation make 53 cents to every dollar that white, non-Hispanic men make.


‘This is my beauty’

Young entrepreneur starts own skincare product line


Former Miss Indian N.M. says she was profiled at KKW store; company denies it

Nicole Johnny, like thousands of other people, was excited for the Kim Kardashian West Beauty pop-up shop. It happened to open the same weekend she was in Los Angeles.


Parents: Alamo school board wasting money

Charlotte Guerro, a resident of Alamo, New Mexico, has 22 grandchildren who attend Alamo Navajo Community School, so you can bet she’s concerned over the recent turmoil at the school.


As a neglected child, movies saved the day

Robert Mesa, who played Tecumseh in the History Channel’s “Frontiersmen,” calmly talks about the time he got ink poisoning from a tattoo on his left arm that he knew, being Navajo, he shouldn’t get.


Just in time for the talent show

Last-minute preparation results in successful outing for kids