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Data shows huge reduction in Diné speakers

“Based on the rate of decline, how it has been accelerating, the guess is maybe by 2020, which is in three years, when they do the Census, (Navajo language speakers) will be down to 30 percent…”


Teachers: ‘Immersion’ for Diné not working

They were just young women when Rose Nofchissey and Louise Benally first started as Diné language teachers in the 70s.


Community finds loss of Diné language ‘scary’

“It’s scary that these young kids don’t speak it,” Lenora Watchman, a fluent Navajo speaker and mother of five, said. Her oldest child is 11 and her youngest is seven months.


Youngster loves learning Navajo, teaches mom

“Nidá!” said MaKay Owens to his little brother who was climbing around the booth at the Diné Restaurant in Window Rock.


Gramma Ema’s walk

Mother of victims of domestic violence walks to raise awareness


‘Why not go big?’

Program encourages students to expand their dreams


Native businesswomen develop networking group

Jaime Gloshay is still in the idea phase of the small business she hopes to one day create, while Stephine Poston has been successfully running a communications firm for over a decade.


Mostly elderly seek birth certificates at pop-up offices

While the Navajo Nation and the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division have worked out how Navajo citizens can get or renew their driver’s licenses without providing a birth certificate, there are many other reasons delayed birth certificates are needed.


Gallup activists: Changing holiday an ‘important step’

Local activist Mervyn Tilden was standing alone for the first five years of the annual demonstration he created for Indigenous Peoples Day.


Ariz. association names Navajo Times ‘newspaper of the year’

For Tom Arviso Jr., the CEO and publisher of the Navajo Times, bringing home 37 awards from the Arizona Newspaper Association contest is a reflection of the hard work the Navajo Times staff does every week.