Friday, December 4, 2020
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In numbers: COVID-19 Across the Navajo Nation

Coronavirus cases on the Navajo Nation grew by 324 to 17,035 on Dec. 2.

Two new deaths were reported overnight. At least 658 people have died on the Navajo Nation from the coronavirus. Recoveries are 9,517.

Cases continue to rise at their fastest level since May. A 24-hour-a-day stay-at-home lockdown is in effect. Exceptions are essential workers, emergencies or for buying food and medication from essential businesses. The essential businesses are open during limited hours, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

Severe penalties are imposed for lockdown violations.

The estimated percentage of people who have tested positive is 31.9 percent.  The 7-day average positive test rate is 16.4 percent. The World Health Organization recommends a 7-day average positive test rate of less than 10 percent for two weeks in a row. Localities that have a test rate of 3 percent or less are most successful in containing COVID-19, according to the WHO.

On the Hopi service area, which also serves parts of the nearby Navajo Nation, cases stayed at 542 people. There are at least 4 deaths at Hopi.

Family gatherings and travel off the reservation have contributed to the recent surge in new cases, according to contact tracers.

The following charts and maps show the extent and location of the coronavirus on and near the Navajo Nation.  Hover over, tap or click the map markers and graph for expanded information.

(Last updated Dec. 3, 2020.)

NOTE: Navajo Nation officials have been reconciling discrepancies for July and August data. At the end of August, in a press release, the president’s office added 165 cases that occurred between April 6 and Aug. 12. Then, on Sept. 8, they added 2 more cases for July. Health officials also added 16 more deaths to the overall tally at the beginning of September.  According to a news release, the deaths ocurred between May and August. Officials blamed several states for delayed results. On Sept. 16, officials added 49 previously unreported cases in New Mexico.